Our Investment Strategies

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Autopilot Investing

Chipn has made Investing easier for everyone. Now include investing in your daily routine with automatic Investment Strategies.

Simple, Small Investments

Chipn will invest your saved money in diversified Mutual Funds according to your risk level, recommended for you and your long-term money goals.

Safe And Secure

Your security is Chipn's first priority. With our end-to-end 256- bit encryption, your data is always secure.

What is One-time Investing?

Invest lump-sum amount into diversified mutual funds according to your risk profile and your long-term financial goals.

What is Percentage based Investing?

Chipn will invest a fixed percentage of every transaction you make from your debit/credit cards. Select the percentage you want to invest from every transaction and we will take care of the rest.

What is Round-up?

Invest your spare change to the nearest hundred, wherever you make a transaction from your linked bank account.

What is Reccuring Investment?

Chipn helps you invest as low Rs100 every month in your preferred mutual fund to achieve financial security.

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